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innovation design and user friendly for software design, design productivity, faster commissioning times with automation integration, highly scalable, flexible HMI/SCADA software designed to provide everything from advanced HMI applications until historical data management.

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Automation Control

Design productivity, faster commissioning times with intelligent devices, quicker startup of greenfield, proven technology around risk mitigation for operations and IT, and the agility to respond to customer trends more quickly. Industry sectors that we provide comprise Food & Beverage, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Water & Waste Water, Pharmaceutical, and many other process-related industries.

Oil & Gas

  • Prevent forced outages and lost revenue.
  • Monitor aging equipment and prevent failure.
  • Standardize monitoring processes across your fleet.
  • Food & Beverage

  • Greater Production efficiency.
  • Automate repetitive task.
  • Increased workplace Safety.
  • Customize Software IT and IoT

    Automation System Integration with istar cloud server based Internet of things Technology and online data acquisition .

    Manufacturing & Power Plant

  • Modernize your plant efficiently.
  • Monitor the overall health of your assets.
  • Prevent forced outages and lost revenue.
  • Services

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    Control system panel and Human machine interface

    PLC (programmable logic control), and unit control panel.

      industrial software for connection interface in the form of touchscreen or software desktop.

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      System integration

      Remote monitoring and system integration software with website and database.

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      Supervisory control and data acquisition

      The full Windows base runtime offers all the tools you need for advanced SCADA applications.

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      Historian data management software

      Historian combines high-speed data collection with built-in advanced data retrieval modes to make your data queries easier to build, more efficient, and more powerful.

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      Automation Training Centre

      Basic - Advanced SIEMENS Programmable Logic Control, Human Machine Interface and SCADA Training.

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      Internet of things and cloud server

      technologies allows devices to exchange data over a network. There are many IoT use cases today, and they are expected to grow exponentially , istar provide to subscribe to servers Process database integrated with operations control enabling access to your process, alarm, and event history data.

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      Our Projects

      • All
      • SCADA
      • Control Panel
      • IoT Monitoring
      • LV panel&MCC

      SCADA 01

      SCADA with AVEVA Studio

      Control Panel

      Schneider M340 control panel

      IOT Monitoring 01

      IOT Monitoring via WEB

      LV panel & MCC

      ABB LV Switchgear 20 kV

      SCADA 02

      SCADA AVEVA Studio

      SIEMENS Control Panel for HVAC

      control panel for HVAC redundant system

      IOT Monitoring 02

      Historian web monitoring integrated membrane system

      LV panel & MCC 02

      Schneider Switchgear

      SCADA 03

      Indusoft SCADA with monitoring via virtual protocol network

      Schneider Modicon M340 Control Panel

      Schneider Control panel for integrated membrane system

      IOT Monitoring 03

      IOT Monitoring for Process Pencucian Garam

      LV Panel & MCC 03

      HVAC Power panel & control

      Supplier Partner

      Istar Otomasi Teknologi partnering with the leading brands in control which have influenced the automation and electrical industries for many years.